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Welcome to our Blog page where we will be providing you of all the latest goings on in the Costa Blanca new builds market. On top of this, we will be featuring some fantastic content on life in the Costa Blanca, to give you a full flavour of why many people are taking to the prospect of moving to the sunny climbs in this fantastic location!

So, why Spain?

The emotion of the Spanish language conjures many evocative phrases, none less than: ‘Año nuevo, vida nueva,’ which literally means: ‘A new year, a new life!.’ With cost of living dominating the news in the UK, ‘Costa Living’ could be the answer to make 2023 your year of positive change!

The beautiful village of Benijofar.
The Iglesia Santiago Apostal

It’s little wonder why a poll of British ex-pats rated the Costa Blanca as the best place to relocate in the world; with its immaculate beaches, fine food and twice as many sunshine hours than the UK, Spain has become a premium destination not just holidaymakers, but also for homeowners wanting to improve quality of life and gain value for money.

Is it cheaper to live in Spain?

Put simply, yes.  Spain hands down beats the UK on price for dining out, shopping, utilities and general cost of living.

Food and groceries

According to the popular big data platform, Numbeo, Beer is a whopping 86% cheaper in the Costa Blanca than it is in the UK. Wine works out 63% cheaper, even more so for local varieties, (look out for later posts on the magnificent vineyards that grace the Costa Blanca). In total, a grocery shop in the Costa Blanca will work out 30-40% cheaper than a UK trolley.

Energy consumption

With hot summers and mild winters, heating costs are considerably cheaper in the Costa Blanca.  According to the Household Energy Price Index (HEPI) typical household energy costs are 26% cheaper in Spain than in the UK.

House Prices

It’s no secret that you get more for your money when it comes to Costa Blanca properties. Take this stunning example three bed, three bathroom detached villa, a stone’s throw away from the idyllic La Finca Golf Resort. For just 350,000€, this amazing property most definitely represents excellent value, especially given its superb location in the heart of the Costa Blanca.

Alameda Golf Villas In La Finca Golf Resort
Alameda Golf Villas In La Finca Golf Resort

There is more to Spain than just a two week stay, join the growing community of homeowners that have taken the leap to live in this peaceful little enclave which is barely a two hour hop from the UK.  With great food, drink at great value, stunning Golf courses and stunning weather, can you afford to not see what Costa Living could do for you?

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